Building Trust

The first step in creating a culture of health is adopting a philosophy that supports the vision and mission. Empower your family, friends and even your colleagues or employees by fostering and building trust every day.

Research shows that there is a strong link between trust and communication in relationships. Trust creates inner stability and confidence among the relationships you hold. Nurturing your relationships by relying on open communication, honesty, laughter and shared memories promotes healthy relationships, builds morale and encourages participation in activities and conversation.

3 tips for building trust in your relationships:

  1. Unplug. When a family member or friend is talking to you give them your full attention by muting the TV and turning your phone on silent. This will show you are interested in what they have to say and that you value their opinions. This selfless act also demonstrates your active listening.
  2. Share. Share in each other’s successes, disappointments, and vulnerabilities. By opening up to your friends and family, you will establish a deeper, more intimate relationship.
  3. Take 5. Continue to foster trust by starting your day or at the dinner table with a “take 5” for your family to chat about their day, how they are feeling or to share a story.


These tips will help strengthen your relationship and will provide the ability to focus on what’s most important – each other.

We experience a variety of interpersonal relationships on a daily basis with family, friends, significant others and people at our workplace. While every relationship is unique, there are some common themes that influence the health and continuation of all relationships.

Develop and nurture the relationships in your life by investing in others. Follow these 5 steps for building up your Interpersonal relationships:

  1. Give yourself to others – Give others your full and undivided attention when you are in their company. With technology at our fingertips, we can often lose sight of what’s important – and what’s important is being with those you love in the moment.
  2. Practice generosity - find ways to help others. Whether it’s volunteering in your community or helping a friend move, selfless acts of kindness goes a long way, and makes your heart and soul happy.
  3. Treasure your friendships – it’s easy for a week to pass and you realize you haven’t called your friend to say hello. Continue to nurture and grow your friendships by setting reminders on your calendar to call your dearest friends once a week.
  4. Practice forgiveness – Although it may not always be easy, forgiving others helps move your relationship forward. The power of forgiveness allows everyone involved to heal from old wounds, regain a positive spirit and helps let go of feelings of anger and guilt.
  5. Keep the spark alive – maintain your romantic relationship with your significant other by being spontaneous and creative. Try writing a simple note in the morning and placing it in their purse or briefcase. Does your loved one take lunch to work? Sneak in their favorite snack to show your appreciation for them. Little gestures along the way keeps the spark alive.



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