Ease Workplace Stress

With the pressures of meeting deadlines, office politics and wanting to do your best, workplace stress is normal and ultimately inevitable. However, stress does not have to run your life – at work or at home. By incorporating small steps to improve your well-being you can ease tension and stress. Most of the time, it’s our outlook on a situation or decision made that affects our stress levels. Remember that even during the most stressful situations, a positive outlook can help you stay focused on your overall goals and the bigger picture.

Ease workplace stress with these helpful tips:

  1. Don’t leave home without eating (or bringing to work) a healthy breakfast.
  2. Pack energizing snacks like yogurt, fruit, granola, veggies and dip, peanut butter and whole-grain crackers.
  3. Identify stress triggers and know how to counteract before getting upset or angry. Practice deep breathing, getting some fresh air, go on a short walk, or take a coffee break to reset your focus.
  4.  Focus on solving problems rather than getting mired in negativity and complaints. Idea: Create a no negativity zone around your desk!
  5. Limit caffeine, which can make you edgy and nervous if you have too much. Substitute coffee for infused water, unsweet tea, or hot tea.
  6. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine a scene that makes you feel good and takes you back to a special memory.
  7. Accept that changes in the workplace are normal, not threatening.
  8. Take a break! Stretch, go for a walk, or read a book to help you relax.
  9. Ease tension with 30 minutes of daily exercise before or after work. Keep in mind that short, brisk walks throughout your work day count as part of the 30 minutes!
  10. Clear your work area each day and prepare for the next day.


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