Conversations with the authors- The Trust Transformation Session 3

June 1, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Join us Monday 6/1 at 2pm for The Trust Transformation follow up conversations with the authors, Roy Reid and Dr. Omayra Mansfield. These sessions are intended to be a follow up to the class, The Trust Transformation. In this hour-long session, past participants can learn about applying the Trust principles to their current life/situation, ask questions and reflect on their journey.

There is no preregistration for this session, click Here at the time of event.

Earn 5 points toward part 2 of your wellness incentive for attending.

Topics will include:

How to use The Trust Transformation principles in times of crisis

Tips for communicating

Maintaining your mind, body & spiritual health

Sharing experiences since attending The Trust Transformation 4-hour class