Women's Health Virtual Series | 5 of 5 Part Series - Breast Cancer: An Innovative Approach

October 29, 2020 @ 2:00 pm


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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Join Dr. Orman for a look at what you can do every day to decrease your risk of getting breast cancer and decrease your risk of recurrence if you are living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

10.22.20 Notice: ALN may be experiencing issues, if you were unable to pre-register on ALN, join us here directly through teams: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

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Calling all Women of AdventHealth!

Join us during this 5-part series. Enjoy subject matter experts covering topics related to women’s health such as: 

Prevention • Skincare • Diseases & Cancer  • Hormones • Self-esteem & many more!


This event is eligible for 5 points toward Part 2 of your 2020 Wellness Incentive.


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