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New Day, New Way
New Day, New Way
In partnership with The Diabetes Institute, we present a personalized weight management program backed by a care team of specialists and physicians to help you accomplish your health and wellness goals.

We've Gone Virtual!

In an effort to keep you safe, we have gone Virtual! If you have  BMI equal or greater than 25, have been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes or tried various diet and exercise programs, this program could be designed for you.

Check out our calendar to register for an information session! Team members and their spouses are both eligible to participate!


Physician Visits

Visit with an endocrinologist or nurse practitioner, covered by many insurances, with a small co-pay.

Multidisciplinary Team Visits

• Two one-on-one exercise consults including in-depth assessments and strategies
regarding body composition and movement mechanics for optimal performance

• Three one-on-one nutrition visits to review and assess medical history and
personalize advice for meal planning based on lifestyle and goals

• Two one-on-one behavioral counseling visits including review of barriers and
behavior patterns related to nutrition, exercise and weight loss

• Monthly body composition measurements
• Lifestyle education sessions led by a member of our care team (total of six)

Program Details

Covered by many insurances, with a small co-pay, team members enjoy this program at no cost if the minimum requirements are met, below. If participants do not meet these requirements, a discounted fee is charged of $99. See requirements below:

  • Attend all expert visits including provider visits (employee is responsible for co-pay, up to 4 visits)
  • Complete all initial written assessments
  • Complete one Lifestyle Education Session in the first 3 months

Be sure to connect with Diabetes Institute representative directly for more information with regard to cost structure, and requirements for eligibility and enrollment. 

Connect with us

Checkout our calendar for upcoming New Day, New Way Information Sessions hosted now through July to learn more!

Diabetes Institute
Phone: 407-303-2730

Wellness Incentive Details: New Day, New Way

Employees must be an active member for at least 3 consecutive months. Enrollment must take place on or before August 30th of the applicable Wellness Incentive year. This program is worth 20 Wellness Incentive points if all requirements are met by self-reporting in WebMD under the "Weight Management" category by November 30th of the applicable wellness incentive year.