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Nutritional Excellence
Here's to Making a Better Choice.

The Employee Health and Well-being team, in collaboration with Nutritional Services and the Diabetes Institute, provide team members with resources for healthy nutrition such as delicious and healthy recipes, cooking demonstrations, healthy snacking options at participating hospital campuses and information sessions with nutritional experts. This partnership was created due to the abundant feedback received from AdventHealth team members that desire to live out the CREATION Life principals.


Look for the "Take Me With You" sticker at participating cafeteria's in the Central Florida Division to find healthier Grab n' Go options:

LIVE! Cooking with CREATION

Looking to learn how to cook healthy meals? Join the Employee Health and Well-being team as they partner with AdventHealth Chefs in March 2023 for cooking demonstrations at select campuses. Stay tuned for more information!


Cooking for July

The Scoop on Nutrition

Join the Employee Health and Well-being team along with AdventHealth Registered Dietitians, Sherri Flynt, MPH, RD, LDN and Stephanie Cuba, RD; on April 26th for a discussion about the top 3 hot topics in nutrition right now. Be a part of the conservation and ask the RD’s questions related to the topics.”

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The Edible Education Experience

Join Chefs from the Emeril Lagasse-Foundation Kitchen House and Culinary Garden and an AdventHealth Registered Dietician for a fun and interactive Edible Education Experience!  Enjoy a seed-to-table experience designed to increase confidence in the kitchen and improve your nutritional knowledge.  Recommended for individuals with a BMI of >25.

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