The REST of Your Life


It's Official--Good Sleep isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity. 

Developed by Dr. Rebecca Robbins, an internationally-recognized sleep expert, Dr. Manoucher Manoucheri, a physician and medical educator, and Todd Chobotar, a wholistic health writer, editor, and publisher — this course will give you the latest discoveries in sleep medicine, equip you with dozens of strategies to combat common sleep thieves, and help you create a personal action plan to take control of your rest. Visit our event calendar to register today.

Wellness Incentive Details. 

Wellness Incentive Points. Worth 20 points. Points will reported and added towards your incentive upon completion of the program and uploaded on a quarterly basis. Employee Health & Well-being pays for your time, but please first arrange with your manager prior to attending.

Cancellation Fees. There is a no-show fee of $10. All cancellations must be done through ALN 24 hours in advance before class start time. All fees will be payroll deducted.

Family Option Eligible. Welcome to bring one guest (includes spouse, adult child or another adult accountability partner.) 


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