Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk is designed to help you get health and get motivated to increase your steps and stay active!

Have fun with a team of co-workers and participate in healthy habit challenges, personal challenges, team challenges and more! Earn wellness incentive points by participating in system-wide 4-week long team challenges held in March (World at Play Challenge) and May (Pacific Crest Trail Challenge) of 2020. 

After June 2020, AdventHealth will no longer be holding Walk the Talk challenges on the Virgin Pulse platform. Moving forward in 2021, we will be participating in challenges found directly on your WebMD account. These challenges include walking challenges, sleep challenges, destressing challenges, and decluttering challenges. You can utilize the WebMD portal to track your activity, steps, and more on a daily basis! We believe that having everything on one portal (WebMD) will help to make it easy!


Wellness Incentive Details.

There will be two Walk the Talk challenges in 2020 that will be worth 10 points each towards Part 2 of your 2020 Wellness Incentive (one in March and one in May). To earn those points, you must track a minimum of 20 out the 28 days during each challenge on the Virgin Pulse platform.