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We're committed to your wellness! That's why we have partnered with WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined). Together, we're giving you exclusive savings on a WW membership. Join now for less than $9.00 a month!

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Your WW membership includes all of this—and more!


  • NEW PersonalPoints™ Program:  Get an individualized path to weight loss with the new PersonalPoints Program. The science-backed approach is focused entirely on you – no two plans are alike!
  • Around-the-Clock Support: Unlock guidance from WW Coaches via 24/7 Live Coaching in the WW app. And use Connect, WW’s members-only digital community, to get inspired by others on a similar journey
  • Guided meditations: Tap into WW’s curated selection of Breethe meditations that help with everything from stress to sleep—all are bite-size to fit your busy life.
  • Over 10,500 delicious recipes: Your taste buds will never get tired with WW’s family-friendly recipes. Use the app’s What’s in Your Fridge? tool to find meals that call for the ingredients you have on hand.
  • On-demand workouts: Access dozens of Obé workouts designed for every fitness level. Use them at home, in the park—wherever! No gym membership required.


Why wait? Make “some day” today and save!

Sign up or learn more at WW.com/AdventHealth.


If you’re already a WW member, you can sync your current account to get AdventHealth’s pricing. Call WW Customer Service at 866-204-2885.


WW Promotions & Offers.

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Mental Health Awareness Month 

Our wellness partner, WW, recognizes the importance of Mental Health Awareness Month and encourages you to prioritize your well-being year-round by focusing on self-compassion.  

People who practice self-compassion are more likely to keep moving forward after a setback—science says so!Your well-being journey isn’t going to be a straight line—we all have ups, downs, and plateaus—so treating yourself with kindness and acceptance is key for reaching your goals. 

Strengthen your self-compassion muscle by treating yourself like a friend. When you notice you’re being critical of yourself, give that self-talk a time-out and consider how you’d react if your friend was speaking about themselves in this way. You’ll likely change your tune!

Tap into groundbreaking wellness tools with WW’s NEW PersonalPoints™ Program. Visit WW.com/AdventHealth to learn more or sign-up.

PersonalPoints is the trademark of WW International, and is used with permission.


Meet Your Summer Motivation

After a breakup and high blood pressure diagnosis, Amma O. committed to tracking her food and movement and lost 72 lbs* with WW. “When I started WW I didn’t even know this mindset and body were possible,” she shared. “Now I’m strong and focused.” 

Inspiration alert! Amma shares what keeps her going.

Ready to start your own success story? 

Join WW for as low as $8.48 per month* - 50% off the retail price—by June 30 and get a FREE WW Activity Kit†  (over $100 value) filled with all the gear you need to get started.

Visit WW.com/AdventHealth to sign up. Then, get your WW Activity Kit at WW.com/activitykit.

*People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week. 
FREE WW Activity Kit offer: Get free kit when you buy an eligible WW plan between 5/1/22-6/30/22. Available only where WW plans are offered thru your employer/health plan, in participating areas only. 1 kit/member. Redeem kit by 7/16/22. While supplies last. Kit contents may vary. $100+ value incl. $50 in coupons. U.S. addresses only. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Offer not available to current members. Can’t be redeemed for cash. Nontransferable. Offer subject to change without notice.


Wellness Incentive Details.

Family Option eligible. Benefits Covered Spouses can participate by using employee ID+S to register. This program is worth 20 wellness incentive points if all requirements are met by self-reporting in WebMD under the "Weight Management" category by November 30th of the applicable wellness incentive year.

Requirements for wellness incentive points include participation in the program for 3 months (90 days) in the applicable calendar year prior to November 30th.

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