Wellness Incentive


Your Annual Wellness Incentive.

Central Florida Division

Each year Employee Health & Well-being promotes programs that help you earn points toward your annual wellness incentive, where you can earn up to $250 for completing a two-part incentive program.

Part 1: Biometric Screening & In-range Values (or Health Coaching) & Health Assessment  (50 Points to earn $150)

Part 2: Participating in CREATION Life Programs & Activities  (100 points to earn $100*)

*You must complete Part 1 in order to receive the incentive for completing Part 2.


Important Message about 2020 Biometric Screenings: An Exception Will Be Made

We have good news for all eligible AdventHealth team members in the Central Florida Division who have been actively working towards achieving the 2020 Wellness Incentive.

Due to COVID-19, we realize it was a difficult year to complete a Biometric Screening with on-site screening cancellations. We have decided to make an one-time exception and will offer the 2020 Wellness Incentive reward to those who complete all required activities except their Biometric Screening! Below are the three different ways an employee can earn all or part of the 2020 Wellness Incentive:

1. A team member completes 50/50 in Part 1 only. This earns the team member $150.00

2. A team member completes 50/50 in Part 1 and 100/100 in Part 2. This will earn the team member the whole $250.00 incentive

3. 2020 Exception: A team member completes their Health Assessment in Part 1 and 100/100 in Part 2. This will earn the team member the whole $250.00 incentive

Be sure to log into WebMD and finish any remaining WebMD portal activities by November 30th.

2020 Resources

Primary Care Physician Form (PCP form)

Wellness Incentive Brochure



PART 1. Biometric Screening & Health Assessment

50 Points to earn $150

Entails completing a biometric screening (15 points) and having four values in range (20 points) — as well as completing your health assessment on WebMD (15 points).

Your biometric screening includes body measurements and a simple finger stick to obtain a blood sample. Fasting is not required, however, fasting prior to your screening will provide more comprehensive results. During your screening, the following measurements are collected:

  • Hemoglobin A1c/ Blood Sugar
  • Cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL, and LDL)
  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight to determine Body Mass Index (BMI)


Outside of the Recommended Biometric Range Values?

Complete a WebMD telephone health coaching call 1-(888) 321-1509 or chat messaging for each missed biometric value. WebMD coaches will provide helpful advice and support as you work toward improving your health. (i.e. If you are out of range in 2 biometric values, you will need to do 2 health coaching calls to make up for those wellness incentive points in Part 1.)


2020 Biometric Screening Option(s):


A.  Complete your screening with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

Complete your Biometric Screening with your primary care physician. Print and bring this 2020 Health Check form with you to your next physician visit. Submit to biometrics@adventhealth.com or fax to (407) 200-9231 no later than October 31st. (This email/fax is ONLY for this Health Check Form, please do not fax other forms.) AdventHealth is not responsible for any costs associated with this option. 


B.  Complete your screening at a Quest Diagnostic Center.

Complete your Biometric Screening at a Quest Diagnostic Center near you (this is a venipuncture blood draw) . An appointment must first be scheduled by logging into WebMD  and selecting, "Know Your Numbers". Be sure to schedule no later than October 30th. Please note all appointments and locations are first come first serve basis and are free of charge (paid for by AdventHealth if scheduled through WebMD). These results will be loaded to WebMD automatically.


PART 2: Programs & Activities

(100 points to earn $100)

Learn more about our yearly offerings of our programs by visiting our calendar. Check out the Wellness Incentive Brochure to see the new ways to earn points and improve your health. 

Having a Hard Time Keeping Track of Your Activities?

To Make It Easy, below is a Part II Supplemental Program Points Breakdown, and working list of what has been offered thus far in 2020 based upon WebMD categories your points will be uploaded to:



Enrich Education Seminars- Live Seminar on Campus, Live Virtual Seminar OR Pre-recorded Seminar on ALN

Author Sessions:

4/30: Trust Conversations with the Authors

5/13: Trust Conversations with the Authors

5/13: Rest of Your Life Authors

5/14: Lessons from a Soldier

5/20: Stress Tools

5/29: Eat Plants with Dr. Guthrie

6/1: Trust Conversation with the Authors

6/12: Stronger Today & Better Tomorrow

6/15: Despair & Hope

6/22: Healthy Relationship Skills in Times of High Anxiety

7/15: How to Eat Smart in Times of High Anxiety 

7/21: Trust Conversations with the Authors

7/24: Whole Food, Plant-based Eating with Dr. Guthrie

8/4: Trust Conversations with the Authors

8/18: Trust Conversations with the Authors

8/24-8/28: Resilience Week Events 

9/17: Trust Conversations with the Authors

9/25: Childhood Nutrition 

9/29: Trust Conversations with the Authors

10/20: Trust Conversations with the Authors

October: Women's Health Month Hersday Thursday Events


CREATION Life Themed Meeting Series- 10 POINTS (MAX 10 POINTS)

Health Champions- Register and attend an Orientation and Quarterly


CREATION Life Themed Meeting Extended Series- 20 POINTS EACH (MAX 100 POINTS)

CREATION Life Experience

The REST of Your Life

The Stress Recovery Effect

The Trust Transformation

Fit. Fuel. Fun




New Day, New Weigh

Weigh 2 Go


Learn and Earns- 5 POINTS EACH (MAX 50 POINTS)

January Webinar: CREATION Life- An Introduction to 2020 Wellness Program

February Workshop: Time Management- How to Succeed at Life

March Webinar: Preventable, Beatable, Treatable- Discussion on Colorectal Cancer

April Live Virtual Class: Moments Matter- How to Engage in a Digital World

May Live Virtual Class: Eat This, Not That- Simple Swaps to Eat Healthy

June Webinar: Be Kind to Your Mind- Discussion on Emotional Wellness

July Live Virtual Class: Get Moving! Work Friendly Workouts in a Time Crunch

August Live Virtual Class: Diversity & Inclusion: Learn Best Practices for Living out our Service Standards

September Webinar: Get Some ZzZzs: The Critical Link between Sleep and Your Waking Success

October Webinar: Healthy Holidays: Caring for your Mind, Body and Spirit


Walk the Talk- 10 POINTS EACH (MAX 20 POINTS)

March: World at Play

May: Pacific Crest Trail


Mission:5K- 20 POINTS (MAX 20 POINTS)


Plus much more self-reported activities and programs located directly on the WebMD portal! Log into your WebMD account today and click on the “Rewards” tab to view your points. 


It's All in The Details.

October 31st.   All Biometric and  program participation will need to be recorded no later than October 31st of the current and applicable incentive year to ensure all metrics are in the system before this deadline.

November 30th.   All WebMD and portal activity which includes; Health Assessment, Digital Assistant, Health Coaching, Self-Reported activities for the year is due by this date.

Eligibility.   Employees, including those with AHMG, Centra Care, Hospice of the Comforter, and AHU are eligible to receive the Employee Health & Well-being Wellness incentive. Volunteers, interns, contract workers, consultants, and AdventHealth corporate employees are not eligible. To be eligible for the Wellness Incentive, employees must be employed through December 31.


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