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National Health Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC

To learn about guidance for travelers, please visit the CDC Guidance for Travelers section for more information

For travelers from China arriving in the US, please visit the CDC recommendations page

For warnings and recommendations issued by the CDC on reducing the risk of contracting coronavirus, visit the Traveler View page

For what to do if you are sick, please access the CDC Coronavirus Guide

For the myth buster page regarding the false information circulating about the virus, visit the myth buster section

For a map of public health laboratory testing for COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s testing in U.S. page. This map includes states and territories with one or more laboratories that have successfully verified and are currently using COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Contact your state health department regarding questions about testing in your region.

For interim guidance for businesses and employers, visit this page.

World Health Organization: WHO works worldwide to promote health and helps prevent emergencies by identifying risks and developing tools needed during outbreaks. WHO published a range of interim guidance for all countries on how they can prepare for the coronavirus, including how to monitor for sick people, test samples, treat patients, control infection in health centers, maintain the right supplies, and communicate with the public about this new virus. To learn more about the coronavirus and for updates, visit the WHO website for more information. To view commonly asked questions and answers about the coronavirus, visit the Q&A Page for more information For the most recent updates on Coronavirus, visit the Disease Outbreak News page. For travel safety tips regarding the spread of Coronavirus, please visit the Travel Advice page.

U.S. Department of State For information on current travel advisories for domestic and international travel, travel advisory levels and assistance for U.S. citizens, please visit the Department of State website here.

Aetna, Inc. - What you need to know To learn what you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak, visit here.