CREATION Life is a philosophy and lifestyle our employees embody to support our greater mission, vision, values, and service standards since the very beginning. It's at the heart of our mission; it's how we view ourselves and others as a whole person- mind, body, and spirit. By learning about and practicing these 8 principles, we are better able to serve and extend the healing ministry of Christ as the best version of ourselves. It is a research based guide to personal fulfillment, optimal health, and healing.

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New Name, Same Faces

We’re excited. Are you? To best meet the growing needs of AdventHealth, CREATION Health Employees department and staff will now be referred to as Employee Health & Well-being department and team. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage our organization with CREATION Life as our Whole-Person Health philosophy.

    Schedule your Biometrics.

    Schedule your Biometrics.

    Complete your screening at CentraCare Primary Service locations! Log into your WebMD account, select “Know Your Numbers” and choose from six convenient locations to be screened during the months of January- October. For a list of locations visit our website within the Wellness Incentive page.

    Fit. Fuel. Fun.

    NEW FOR 2020!

    Fit. Fuel. Fun 

    Commit to Getting Fit. This course teaches you the basics of nutrition and activity. Our team of certified personal trainers offers fun and effective workouts in this blended learning environment. Participants will spend time in the classroom, as well as the gym. Interact with real portion sizes to learn how to fuel your body and achieve optimal fitness while having fun. Learn more on our program page.

    Financial Education

    Financial Education

    In place of SmartDollar, AdventHealth will now be offering a NEW program called Enrich, through our WebMD platform to meet our growing needs in financial education. More details coming soon.