Here at AdventHealth Central Florida Division, CREATION Life is a philosophy and lifestyle our team members embody to support our greater mission, vision, values, and service standards since the very beginning. It's at the heart of our mission; it's how we view ourselves and others as a whole person- mind, body, and spirit. By learning about and practicing these eight principles, we are better able to serve and extend the healing ministry of Christ as the best version of ourselves. It is a research based guide to personal fulfillment, optimal health, and healing.

It's The Final Countdown.

All data on WebMD must be recorded no later than November 30th. This includes your Health Assessment and all self-reported data on WebMD. Be sure to check your points on the rewards tab prior to the deadline to ensure all your points are reflected accurately. (The deadline for Biometric Screening submission and programming outside of WebMD was October 31)

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Important Message about 2020 Biometric Screenings: An Exception Will Be Made

We have good news for all eligible AdventHealth team members in the Central Florida Division who have been actively working towards achieving the 2020 Wellness Incentive.

Due to COVID-19, we realize it was a difficult year to complete a Biometric Screening with on-site screening cancellations. We have decided to make an one-time exception and will offer the 2020 Wellness Incentive reward to those who complete all required activities except their Biometric Screening!

Below are the three different ways a team member can earn all or part of the 2020 Wellness Incentive.

1.   A team member completes 50/50 in Part 1 only. This will earn the team member $150.00

2.   A team member completes 50/50 in Part 1 and 100/100 in Part 2, this will earn the team member the whole $250.00 incentive

3.   2020 Exception: A team member completes their Health Assessment in Part 1 and 100/100 in Part 2, this will earn the team member the whole $250.00 incentive

Be sure to log into WebMD and finish any remaining WebMD portal activities by November 30th.

COVID-19 Team Member Resources

We're Here For You. In an effort to Keep You Safe, we've dedicated a resources page just for you, continuing to foster a culture of health. Enjoy a list of community, health, and crisis & disaster preparedness resources.

#ONETEAM Welcome!

Welcome Polk, Flagler, Lake and Volusia Counties! 

Go virtual with us. In an effort to serve you better, we are becoming #oneteam. We are pleased to offer many of our digital and VIRTUAL options for you to enjoy on demand, or in the comfort of where you are. We have streamlined our offerings this year for you! Be sure to check out our calendar and ways to connect via TEXT!

CREATION team member

Team Testimonial

I loved the practical ideas for implementing sleep strategies 

— Team Member , Participant of The REST of Your Life
CREATION team member

Team Testimonial

I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of today's presentation. It was thought provoking and challenging emotionally and spiritually (in a good way) because it made me think and commit to making some life changes/ better choices. 

— Team Member , Participant of the CREATION Life Experience
CREATION team member

Team Testimonial

The course helped me by providing tools I did not think of to relieve and help with stress. For example, using medication and finding a "worry area"... The class was personable and an easy environment in which to learn. 

— Team Member , Participant of the Stress Recovery Effect
CREATION team member

Team Testimonial

Having the opportunity to take these courses and learn different ways to transform how I trust, deal with stress, enhance my spirituality, and grow personally and professionally is important to me.

— Team Member , Participant of the Trust Transformation