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The REST of Your Life
It's Official--Good Sleep isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Necessity.
Developed by Dr. Rebecca Robbins, an internationally-recognized sleep expert, Dr. Manoucher Manoucheri, a physician and medical educator, and Todd Chobotar, a wholistic health writer, editor, and publisher — this course will give you the latest discoveries in sleep medicine, equip you with dozens of strategies to combat common sleep thieves, and help you create a personal action plan to take control of your rest.

The Rest of Your Life

Participate in Wellness Anywhere Four-hour Programs. The Rest of Your Life Get your best rest. You know you need it, but did you know it could be the key to health, happiness, and professional success? Getting good sleep has many benefits. Join us for this exciting program where you’ll learn how to get your best rest to end exhaustion, enhance energy, and sleep smarter.

Survey Results

99% of Team Members agreed or strongly agreed that The Rest of Your Life was effective in providing practical strategies to improve their rest and whole person health.

Team Member Feedback

Since taking the program, I rarely wake up in the middle of the night and am sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night.”

“I have definitely noticed an increase in my overall feelings of well-being since taking this course. I feel more rested and less stressed.”


Wellness Incentive Details

Wellness Incentive Points. This program is worth 10 wellness incentive points by self reporting in WebMD under the "CREATION Life Themed Meeting Series". Payment and Reimbursement from Employee Health & Well-being cost center for time to attend this course has been cancelled until further notice. 

Cancellation Fees. Cancellation fees have been removed or waived until further notice.

Family Option Eligible. Welcome to bring one guest (includes spouse, adult child or another adult accountability partner.)