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Enrich is a new benefit for financial well-being, it is your one-stop destination for all personal finance questions—from budgeting to banking, insurance, investing, debt management and more! Join us for an information session to learn more.

Survey Results 

90% of Team Members agreed or strongly agreed that Enrich was effective in providing practical strategies to recover from financial stress and promote whole person health.

Team Member Feedback

“Since taking the program, I have purchased a new house and paid in full rather than getting a mortgage!”

“I have paid off debt, increased my savings percentage, and have noticed a significant difference in my stress levels since taking the program.


Live-virtual via Microsoft Teams Webinar recording available at any time.

Introduction Session

Join us for an Introductions session, are worth 5 wellness incentive points, by self-reporting in WebMD under the "CREATION Life Themed Meeting" category by November 30th of the applicable wellness incentive year. Get introduced to the new Enrich resource through the digital information session. Click here to watch and learn more!

Personalized Content

Answer a few quick questions and build a personalized action plan to enhance your money management, career and student loan skills.

Calculators and Worksheets

Manage your budget, mortgage and student loans in an easy and approachable way. The heavy lifting is already done for you!


A wide-range of topics from smart spending, budgeting, identity theft, saving, investing and many more to teach you the fundamentals of money management and build a foundation for your financial future.

Earn an Additional 20 Points

Complete Enrich activities to help improve your financial well-being and earn points:

  • 5 - Complete the Onboarding Assessment.
  • 5 - Complete the Your Money Personality Assessment.
  • 5 - Retake the Onboarding Assessment.
  • 5 - Complete a course.

Get Started Today!

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  3. Scroll down to the Enrich tile under "From your sponsor"