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Employee Health & Well-being
Here at AdventHealth Central Florida Division
CREATION Life is a philosophy and lifestyle our team members embody to support our greater mission, vision, values, and service standards since the very beginning. It's at the heart of our mission; it's how we view ourselves and others as a whole person. By learning about and practicing these eight principles, we are better able to serve and extend the healing ministry of Christ as the best version of ourselves. It is a research based guide to personal fulfillment, optimal health, and healing.
The 2022 Wellness Incentive year is here!

Visit the Wellness Incentive page to answer any questions or check out this sneak peak of the 2022 Wellness Incentive program.

Amazing Events.

Visit our calendar of events today in order to view upcoming ways to connect with us, while earning points towards your wellness incentive!

AdventHealth Wellness Incentive
Oct 31 of the current year is the primary deadline for biometric screening submissions, November 30 for all other activities.
Put me in coach.

Get FREE access to WebMD™ Health Coaching through Employee Health and Well-being. Learn more about this opportunity to satisfy any out of range biometric results by visiting our wellness incentive page.
Ready to schedule?  Visit WebMD or call 1-888-321-1509 by phone or schedule a chat message today. 

About Us
This site is dedicated to those interested in or eligible for the AdventHealth annual wellness incentive programs and activities.