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Learn & Earn.
You bring your lunch; we'll bring the knowledge. Join all the hot topics of improving your health and wellness at the convenience of your own home.

2022 Topics.

January - What's Your Incentive?

Join this topic of discovering your personal incentive toward health and well-being. Learn more about this year's wellness incentive and the programs and activities AdventHealth has to offer!


February- Learning to Love Yourself.

Discover the topic of positive body image to help you feel whole, love the body God gave you!


March- Embracing the Outdoors.
Learn strategies on how to get more green time and less screen time!


April- Put the WORK in Workout. 
Receive tips on getting more movement throughout your workday!


May- Diversity & Inclusion. Webinar Link
Get the 101 on Inclusivity at the workplace.


June- What's in Your Self-care toolkit?
Learn some strategies to better care for yourself and better care for others.


July- Mindfulness.
Using mindfulness techniques, learn how to improve your overall well-being.


August- Refining Fast Food.
Learn how to shop for and prepare healthy meals on the go. 


September- Empower Your Purpose with Nathan Gonzalez.
Learn how to reframe adversity, and persevere through difficult times to ignite your fire.


October- How to Become and Stay Motivated.
How to become more motivated in all aspects of your life.


November- Managing Stress with a Guest Speaker.
Learn strategies to better manage stress.


Learn & Earn Library

Enjoy a library of past sessions. Please keep in mind these past sessions are not eligible for wellness incentive points.



It's all in the Details

Live Virtual Workshop
Join us for scheduled live virtual workshop in Microsoft Teams. ALN pre-registration is required. See event calendar. 

Live Workshop
Please note, registration is required for all sessions. See event calendar. (postponed until further notice)

Webinar: Complete this session on your own anytime throughout the month. Access via ALN. 

Wellness Incentive Points
Earn 5 points for each topic (maximum points awarded in this category: (20 points) by self-reporting in WebMD under the "Learn and Earn" category by November 30th of the respective incentive year.