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Mental Health Matters
Our team members face unique challenges and increased demands in health care.
Often requiring us to adjust and cope in stressful clinical and non-clinical events, all while maintaining our commitment to providing the best care our patients and team. Daily, repeated stress, suggests we have an increased priority for social support and mental health and well-being resources so we may receive the help we need when life becomes challenging.
Some indications to consider reaching out to these supportive resources include, but are not limited to:
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed or anxious about work or family life
  • Change in behavior of yourself, family member or peers
  • Concern or difficulty caring for yourself, parents or children
  • Increased social isolation, or loss of daily connection with family and peers
  • Unexpected or difficult life events
  • Decreased desire to participate or loss of joy in activities you once enjoyed
Mental Health Matters Series.

Join the Employee Health and Well-being team each month as they partner with subject matter experts to offer sessions on various topics related to mental health.

Register for Upcoming Sessions.

Join the Employee Health and Well-being team for this empowering session as we come together to learn more about various topics to learn more about mental health and well-being. Click HERE to view past Mental Health Matters Sessions. 

Mindful Moments.

Whether you are already incorporating Mindful Meditation in your wellness routine or are new to the practice, these sessions are for you! In partnership with the AdventHealth Wellness Center at Celebration, Mindful Moments are quick 15-minute sessions to explore practical ways to foster gratitude, resilience, compassion and empathy in a supportive environment. Stay tuned for new sessions in 2022!

Past sessions:

1. Basics of Mindfulness

2. Compassion

3. H.E.A.L.

4. Gratitude

5. Mindful Eating

6. Dealing with Difficult Emotions

7. Empathy

8. Relaxation

9. Click HERE to watch a past session of "Breaking the Ice on Mental Health."