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Mental Health Matters
Our team members face unique challenges and increased demands in health care.
These demands often require us to adjust and cope in stressful clinical and non-clinical events, all while maintaining our commitment to providing the best care our patients and team. Daily, repeated stress, suggests we have an increased priority for social support and mental health and well-being resources so we may receive the help we need when life becomes challenging.
Mental Health Begins with Me | Self-care Tips

Being proactive about your self-care is important for strong mental health. Here are some of the ways you can practice good self-care to help strengthen your Mental Health:


Take Brain Breaks. Take just a few moments each day to put technology away and clear your mind of unnecessary distractions.

Focus on the Present. Try mindful meditation or even just a few minutes of deep breathing to bring you back into the moment.

Exercise or Take a Walk. Exercise not only has physical benefits but also has brain benefits as well. Try going for a brisk walk at least three times a week. Activity is the best medicine!

Eat Healthy. Choose healthy foods, low in sugars and saturated fats that give you energy to do the things you love.

Lean into Faith. Connecting to your higher power can give you strength during challenging times.

Stay Connected to People Who Matter to You. Call, text, or set up a video chat to check in with family and friends.

Get Help When You Need It. Talk to someone you trust or seek out a professional support service. When you can at least talk about your problems with someone you trust, together you can start finding solutions or ways to cope.



See below for more ways to care for your mental health:


Mental Health Matters Series.

Join the Employee Health and Well-being team every other month as they partner with subject matter experts to offer empowering sessions on various topics related to mental health. Click HERE to view past Mental Health Matters Sessions. 


Mindful Moments.

Whether you are already incorporating Mindful Meditation in your wellness routine or are new to the practice, these sessions are for you!  Mindful Moments are quick 15-minute sessions to explore practical ways to foster gratitude, resilience, compassion and empathy in a supportive environment. See below for our Mindful Moments Sessions for 2023 and click on the links below to register for each session! All sessions are 15 minutes in length and start at 12:30 PM.

  1. Self- Love | February 13
  2. Mindful Eating | March 13
  3. Renewal | April 10
  4. Leaves on a Stream | May 8
  5. Beach Visualization | June 12
  6. Worthiness | July 10
  7. Back to Basics | August 14
  8. Self-Care | September 11
  9. Overcoming Fear | October 9
  10. Loving Kindness | November 13

Past sessions:

All past Mindful Moments sessions have been recorded and are available to team members on our Mindful Moments Streams Channel.


Mental Health Resources for AdventHealth Team Members.
Mental Health Tips