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Stress Recovery Effect
Feeling stressed? Learn to turn Stress from your enemy to ally!
In The Stress Recovery Effect, researchers Nick Hall, PhD, and Dick Tibbits, DMin, introduce employees to their evidence-based solution for stress management in the workplace.

Grounded in original research conducted at AdventHealth—the largest admitting hospital in America—this transformative program empowers employees to do what elite athletes and high performance CEO’s do: Reframe stress from a negative to a positive, find their optimal stress zone, and use The Stress Recovery Effect to fuel future success. Join bestselling authors Dr. Dick Tibbits and Dr. Nick Hall as they guide you with how to turn stress from an enemy to ally. 

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The Stress Recovery Effect

Join us for a four-hour course to reframe stress from a negative to a positive. We’ll identify your stress coping style, stressors, and recovery strategies to give you the tools to change the way you view stress. Participants will create their own personal stress profile, find their optimal stress zone and transform their lives through evidence-based strategies.

Survey Results

98% of Team Members agreed or strongly agreed that The Stress Recovery Effect was effective in providing practical stress recovery strategies to incorporate in their life to promote whole person health.

Team Member Feedback

Since taking the program, I have been more confident about expressing how I feel in a positive way. Having the confidence to tell others how I’m feeling has helped to reduce my stress.”

“This class was amazing, and the content was so true. Much of it I had never even thought about! It all made so much sense and I am definitely better because of this course.”


  • Live-virtual via Microsoft Teams
  • In -person on participating AdventHealth campuses

Wellness Incentive Points

This program is worth 10 wellness incentive points by self reporting in WebMD under the "CREATION Life Themed Meeting Series". Payment and Reimbursement from Employee Health & Well-being cost center for time to attend this course has been cancelled until further notice. 

Cancellation Fees
Cancellation fees have been removed or waived until further notice.

Family Option Eligible
Welcome to bring one guest (includes spouse, adult child or another adult accountability partner.