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Health Champions
Health Champions are a high-energy, enthusiastic bunch. They're champions of Engagement, Culture & Well-being
Give it a Try, Champ.

You can be, too. All you have to do is help promote the principles of CREATION Life, chat up the message of Engagement, Culture and Well-being to your coworkers and walk the talk by actually participating in events and programs. 

C'mon, be a Health Champion, you know you want to.

What is a Health Champion?

Being a health champion involves actively engaging in conversations and discussions, educating co-workers about the significance of Engagement, Culture and Well-being. These champions go beyond words; they lead by example, embodying the principles of CREATION Life in their daily lives. By promoting holistic well-being and fostering a supportive environment, they inspire their team members to prioritize health, both mentally and physically, creating a workplace culture where everyone thrives.

Motivate others to Discover their Path to Whole Health.

We'll host an orientation, and you'll get to enjoy networking with other health champions at quarterly gatherings. You will also receive a monthly newsletter & activity challenge to stay up to date with all Engagement, Culture and Well-being offerings, so you and your team can be at your very best-- body, mind, and spirit.

Share your BEST Practices
Have a best practice on how you incorporate CREATIONLife into your units or departments? Share with us!
Health Champion Resources

National Nutrition Month. This challenge is a starting point, modify the exercises accordingly to your activity goal. 

Become a Health Champion. Why, you ask?

  • Be the first to hear about upcoming CREATION Life events and initiatives
  • Help make a positive impact on your department’s well-being
  • Get invitations to fun and free social events
  • Earn 20 Wellness Incentive points for attending orientation and one quarterly meeting (self-reported on WebMD under the "Become a Wellness Champion" category) 

Register to Become a Health Champion